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Last Night in My Parent's Living Room

It wasn't cheap forgiveness
Wasn't a bandaid
It was the costly statement

"We've been there."

It was the phrase
"We're all human"
Said with certain eyes
That had so many stories to tell

It was a gift I couldn't have asked for
The one that we all have to offer

It was love in the form of
A life lived
And given

In the form of
Two hands on my shoulders,
Two eyes sharing my heavy gaze

"You're okay."

Life is Hard

When--with eyes that had a story to tell--
they spoke those vague words,
they might as well have been speaking Chinese.
You had no idea, wrapped in your eager youth,
what they had just said.

But don't worry, child.
You will get the chance to wear them
in your own way.
You'll have your moment.

And you just might sum up the most painful of life experiences to a youth--who could not possibly understand yet--with

Train cars of memories might flash by as you stumble to catch a quick description of the lessons they taught you
and finally land, discontented, 
on the phrase you've heard for far too long. But out of your mouth they spill like oil from a tired engine:


Life is hard.