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a gratitude:
  • for my able mind

  • for my body and its kindness towards me

  • for the people i’ve loved

  • for the people who’ve loved me

  • for my father and his selflessness

  • for my mother and her strength

  • for my siblings and the unique bond we share

  • for the sun being out this morning

  • for cappuccinos and this magical place

  • for books, for words, for language, for experience

  • for the mess and all it taught me

  • for music and the way it allows me to express myself

  • for music and the way it connects us

  • for music with no qualifiers

  • for cars and the open road

  • for mountain-driving and driving into my hometown

  • for children and all they teach us to forget

  • for the elderly and all they teach us to remember

  • wrinkled hands and smile lines

  • for laughter you can’t hold back

  • for tears you can’t hold back

  • for every moment that led to this moment

  • for inhale

  • for exhale

  • for room to breathe

a meditation

the wishes we make

in the form of

the winds we blow on

our birthday cakes

the tears that fall on 

our pillow case

the ink we unload on 

our diaries

i stored them all 

in the tiny wrinkles on the backs

of my hands and

after a few years without sight of the promise land

they learned to dance in the curtains

call shots from the sidelines

make music in the margins

no need to exhaust with thoughts of 

what i could have been by now

or where i could have been by now

all i have is now

all i have is now

i repeat it like a wish that

comes true as it leaves my lips

needs no pension

needs no advance

needs no mention of future plans

all i have is now

and to be here, now, is

after all,

all i want.


and you:

you wipe the slate clean

you’re not afraid to say things

that scare the hell out of the self-righteous

you right my wrongs and all the other ones

that people like use as weapons

you shake the defenses

i love the way you

look me in the eye,

reassure me i don’t have to hide myself

around you or anyone else

by the way you most certainly don’t hide yourself

i think we’ve found a balance

i think we’ve managed

to love our in-betweens

you’re the island i need in a sea of emotions

(i know good-and-well you like walking by the shore,

but i promise not to tell your friends)

and i:

i’ve never been more sure—

looking back or looking forward—

that the person that i was before

and the person that you’re holding

is lucky to be yours


i’m lucky to be yours