Truly grateful to have been a part of this new single from NP Nights. It's a song about faith--laced with words that bring back the poetry and intimacy of what has been deemed "worship music." I was thrilled when Jordan, who wrote the song, asked me to sing it--the R&B-like-melodies spilled out of me like I'd been waiting for a song like this to come along (I had), and the words ignited a fresh perspective on a theology I've become all too familiar with.

Written by Jordan Mitchell, vocals by yours truly, and musical magic made by the hands of so. many. talented. humans. (Connor Rosemond, Jared Hamilton, Mallory Boyle, Grayson Arias, Trent Bilodeau, Holden Fincher to name a few...). Click on the photo to take a listen on Spotify.