Daniel & Hayley

It is really astounding how many memories even thirty minutes of life can hold. We lucked out with a euphoric seventy-degrees-and-light-breeze afternoon, but even perfect weather couldn’t have created the connection I got to photograph between Daniel and Hayley. Vivacious laughter and sweet smiles. Walks around the beautiful Kennesaw Mountain State Park. Oftentimes we don’t realize how precious the small moments are–the things we get to do so regularly (laughing, smiling, walking together)–until we see them frozen in time through a photograph.


Xanna Kidd

I was so excited when I found Xanna’s email in my inbox. Although I haven’t known her personally, I’ve always been so drawn to the light and emphasis on the simplicity of life in both her instagram feed and website.

It is such a treat to work with clients who cast a vision I can easily catch (or even who easily catch a vision I cast). When it works both ways, I feel the most alive as an artist and the most at peace with myself. Xanna is undoubtedly one of those clients. From the initial email to the mood board, to her choice of this beautiful silk artist smock from Elizabeth Suzann.

For this session, the simplicity of the setting (and the end-goal in mind), I chose to focus on movement and light. I wanted the photos to feel tender and personal, but full of life. We were fortunate to have a light-filled space and a fun Spotify playlist to move to.