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My oh my, have I been so excited to share this engagement session with you!

I will never forget the enthusiasm Holly had for my work when we first met about their wedding photography. I don’t think I’ve ever been so much at a loss for words as I was in meeting Holly and Ricky. They are as sweet as they are cool (Holly has impeccable fashion sense and Ricky is the co-owner of a bar in Downtown Athens!). I believe I started following Holly on Pinterest the day of that meeting–and who knows how many ideas (fashion, health, life) I’ve racked up because of it!


Ricky and Holly,
I have to say that if there were any way to describe your relationship, it would 100% be that you have found a home in each others arms.
You were so at ease in front of the camera (and Lord-knows that was a COLD day!) and I thoroughly enjoyed capturing the love you have for one another. Remember to always treasure that laughter–it was the sweetest thing to have the session filled with genuine smiles that weren’t evoked by my comedic skills (because let’s face it–I don’t have any!), but that you two are so evidently happy around each other! I pray these pictures serve as a testament to the fresh exciting love that you started this journey with and that it continues on as you grow old together. I am so very excited for your Big Day and consider it an honor to be able to capture it!

Enjoy, friends.


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